Sprite ad celebrates parents helping kids be transgenders

The revolutionary Left has captured control of not just education, media, and nonprofits; it holds considerable sway over advertising, an industry that used to be regarded with contempt by Marxists for creating unnecessary desires solely to fatten the wallets of capitalists.  And if a Marxist were to rank capitalism's sins for pushing unhealthful products, near the top would have to be sugary soft drinks, which, however refreshing, do fatten people up with "empty calories" and spend an inordinate share of costs on packaging and distribution. But it does appear that Sprite, a sugary soft drink produced by the Coca-Cola Company, is spending some of its advertising budget on promoting parents encouraging their children to be transgendered, the latest campaign being pushed by the cultural Left, part of the campaign to deconstruct the very foundations of society so as to clear the way for the construction of a new social order, a "new man," as Marxists...(Read Full Post)
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