Schiff's impeachment fraud: 'I'd take a flamethrower to this place!'

In the wonderful 1992 film Scent of a Woman, a lovely and decent young man named Charlie at a prestigious private boys' school is tormented by the vicious and arrogant headmaster, Mr. Trask.  Because Charlie is a scholarship student and not a son of the very rich like his classmates, Trask believes he can manipulate the boy into snitching on the students who rigged up a balloon filled with yellow paint and burst it over Trask's fancy sports car.  Trask threatens the boy, tells him he will withdraw his scholarship if he refuses to tattle in public. Sound familiar?  Trask is an almost perfect incarnation of Adam Schiff, currently running the phony impeachment inquiry in his obsessive preoccupation with seeing President Trump removed from office.  Trask, like Schiff, is pompous and self-important, and he uses the power he has over his students for his own ends.  Why Pelosi ever gave Schiff any power over anything, let...(Read Full Post)
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