Only Trump can save the US now

Americans need to acknowledge that impeachment is not about impeachment.  It is about politically damaging Trump to the point where he will lose his bid for re-election in 2020.

Should they succeed, understanding the damage Democrats' impeachment fever will have wrought to the foundation of this nation is not something only supporters of the president need acknowledge.  The Democrats must do so as well, because there will be repercussions that will rock the foundations of this nation.  They need to see what's coming just as much as conservatives because what they have done to overthrow a duly elected president will reverberate throughout history.

It's not just their hatred for Trump and the three-year attempted coup they have participated in.  It's the premise that there need not be any wrongdoing committed by the president for the House to commence impeachment proceedings, in addition to the majority party having written procedural rules so prejudicial that they negate core protections guaranteed by our Bill of Rights. 

Using impeachment as a campaign tool jeopardizes the constitution upon which this nation was founded.  From this point forward, any time in the future where one party holds the House of Representatives and the other holds the presidency, impeachment is guaranteed.

And wait, that's not all...

Should a duly elected president's party not hold the Senate as well, he will be unable to get any Executive Branch appointment through the upper chamber, even for the most meaningless of positions, and there are more than a thousand positions every president needs to fill.  He will be unable to staff his administration.  His appointments of attorneys general, Cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, and judges will languish in ignominy because not a single appointment will ever get through an opposition Senate again.  Partisans can forget about a conservative or liberal Supreme Court.  Unless a president's party holds the Senate as well, as members die, the Supreme Court will die.

The Senate's vaunted advice and consent will become deny and resent — it's difficult to close a can of worms.

Presidents will become powerless figureheads, subject to the whims of the bureaucracy.  Isn't that what the Democrats through Taylor, Kent, Yovanovitch, and Vindman are trying to implement?

With a nonfunctioning Executive Branch, the key tenet of our constitution, the balance inherent in three adversarial branches of government, each able to check the rabid impulses of the others, will cease to exist. 

The two remaining branches, the Legislative and the Judiciary, will scrap for control.  A leftist Congress eventually will vote themselves the power to appoint, thereby taking over the Judiciary, which will become an arm of Congress. 

With control of the bureaucracy, Congress, and the media, the Left will justify seizing power using slogans like "No one is above the law" and "It's the will of the people."  Members of Antifa will shed their masks as they are rolled into a new secret police with a "government" imprimatur.  Constitutional rights will be abridged as the constitution itself becomes meaningless.

Confident in the sanctity of their cause, the Left will overreach.  After all, aren't they the ones we've been waiting for?

A Chavez-like strongman will rise, and outright rebellion won't be far behind.  America will fall.  People will need to learn Chinese because what's left of this nation will become a vassal state paying tribute to Beijing.

Some will say this goes too far, that it can't happen here.  Yet, for many years, the Left has shown that it is willing to do whatever it takes to remake this country in the Left's own image.

Be afraid; be very afraid, because the year after the 2020 election could well be 1984, and the year after that 1861.

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