Impeachment hearings! Is that all they've got?

Something is manifestly wrong with Adam Schiff.  For those of us who are political junkies, it has long been obvious that Rep. Schiff suffers from a serious form of narcissistic personality disorder.  He does not, apparently cannot, differentiate between the truth and lies.  His own lies come tripping off his tongue as if no one could or would possibly notice that what he says in not true.  He seems not to know the difference.

The list of lies President Obama told is too long to list here, but classic among them is "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."  He said this over and over again as he single-handedly destroyed America's system of health care delivery for millions of Americans.  He knew when he said it that it was not true.

Adam Schiff for three years has exclaimed over and over again that he has seen absolute proof that President Trump colluded with Russia.  It was never true, and not-Mueller's report was forced to admit that, to the horror of the leftists who had depended mightily on Mueller to effect Trump's removal from office.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

What is it about President Trump that has so deranged Schiff?  Yes, Trump has justifiably mocked the California congressman as "liddle Adam Schiff" and "pencil-neck," but he was hardly the first to find the man a comic figure.  Trump was not the first to use those memes.  Schiff invites ridicule with his absurd accusations of criminal behavior by Trump — his obsession with the 20-minute Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr., for example.

Schiff apparently cannot discern the difference between the truth and fallacy, no matter how foolish the fallacy.  One has to wonder what prestigious position in her Cabinet Hillary had promised him.  A.G.?  Supreme Court?  HRC has judgment as poor as Schiff's when it comes to character because neither of them possesses it.  Schiff and HRC are both egotists unable to see beyond their own perceived self-importance and their undying belief that what they say will be believed, no matter how specious.

For all who had not previously realized this about Schiff, Wednesday's hearing was a wake-up call.  The man is demented.  He outright lied when he said he did not know who the not-whistleblower is!  Everyone knows who the not-whistleblower is: Eric Ciaramella.  He's a longtime Deep State–connected Democrat and anti-Trump activist whose own lawyer tweeted in 2017 that "the coup has started."  He is aligned with Brennan and Biden, and he is still employed by the CIA!  He is part of the cabal that set out to impeach Trump from the moment he was elected, when they knew they would have to cover up their crimes against the Trump campaign.

That Schiff thinks he can lie so blatantly and get away with it is a sign of serious mental illness.  A three-year-old with cookie crumbs all over his face may tell his mother he did not eat the cookies.  Most people grow out of that level of lying by the time they are twelve.  Schiff needs an intervention.

Mark Meadows, one of our Republican heroes, commented that "what we saw today was two bureaucrats who have a Ukraine-first sentiment opposed to a president who has an America-first sentiment."  Truer words were never spoken.  These Democrats on the Intel Committee know that Obama did nothing for Ukraine; he let the Russians move in and take Crimea.  Obama gave them blankets.  Obama was the Russian asset!

Trump gave Ukraine weapons to repel the Russians.  Taylor and Kent, the two Wednesday "witnesses" surely know this.  One of them admitted that Ukraine is in much better shape under Trump than it was under Obama!

Still, Schiff insists Trump is guilty of something, anything.  He is like a drowning man grasping for a life raft.  There is no life raft for Schiff.  He has become a joke, and his own Democrat colleagues know it.  He is an embarrassment.  If she were wise, which she is not, Pelosi would shut this faux inquiry down now.  But wisdom is not her strong point.

When Trump wins the 2020 election in a landslide, the Democrats will blame Schiff.  They will never admit that Trump won because he is a great president and has gone a long way toward making American great again.  If what we saw and heard on Wednesday was any indication of what the Democrats have in support of their effort to depose him, if that is all there is, they are making the biggest mistake of their political lives.  They are demonstrating for all to see their disdain for their own country, our Constitution and the millions of Americans who voted for President Trump and are grateful for the campaign promises he has kept.

Unemployment is at its lowest level ever recorded; the stock market is at is highest level ever recorded. America is an energy independent nation. The border is on its way to being controlled despite the intransigence of the left. Adam Schiff may think he has a role in destroying the Trump presidency but he is just a blip on the radar screen of Trump's successful presidency, one whose record his party will soon go to great lengths to erase. He is nothing, a nobody.

To paraphrase a quote from People Will Talk, Schiff is a "little man; he is little in the mind and the heart. He has for three years tried to make a man little whose boots he could not touch if he stood on tiptoe on top of the highest mountain. And as it turned out, he is even littler than before."

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