Devin Nunes blows the Democrats' impeachment case out of the water

If there's anything good about the Democrats' impeachment hearings, it can be summed up in two words: Devin Nunes.

The ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee made one hell of a brilliant speech in defense of President Trump, great from every possible way of looking at it.

It was powerful, simple, straightforward, and substantial in content.  It was concise and tremendously well organized.  It was given with stunning delivery.  Nunes laid out the hardest and strongest points of defense, exposing the outrageous motives of the Democrats, the leaking and rigging, the bad faith all around, revealing a deep understanding of the political dynamic driving the spectacle.

He began by bringing out the origins of the impeachment, coming as it did from the Russia hoax, which has since morphed into the "low rent" sequel of the Democrats' "theatrical" performance. 

He spoke of the extremely bad faith shown by the Democrats in their early secret depositions in the dank Capitol Hill basement, something Nunes said was done in "a cult-like atmosphere," which is creepier than previously reported, but he was actually there for it and saw it firsthand.  He spoke of the selective leaks that followed from it and the public hearings that followed, indicating that the whole thing was an "audition" for what we have now.  He blasted the Democrats for colluding with both the Russians and Ukrainians in the run-up to this, and then having the nerve to accuse the same of Trump himself.  He pointed out the three things Republicans still needed to know — whom the whistleblower spoke to before he made his complaint and whom else he colluded with, what Ukraine was doing to interfere in U.S. elections — a rich, unreported topic he must know something about, and what Hunter Biden's dealings with the corrupt Ukrainian energy company really amounted to and how they shaped U.S. policy to this day.  Nunes wrapped up by describing the damage done to public trust in democracy by this long list of Democrat and Deep State machinations.  It was all extremely powerful.

Far from being conspiracy theories, as some of the press have dismissed (they don't even deserve links), this was hard facts laid out strong and straightforward, a devastating takedown of the entire Democrat argument, in all of nine minutes.

It's one of the great speeches given on the House floor.  The Democrats are left without a leg to stand on now.  Here's the video to see for yourself:

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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