If Bloomberg swings and misses...

Conrad Black thinks Michael Bloomberg doesn't have a chance of winning the presidency: It is possible that, with a still-overpopulated field, Mr. Bloomberg could get some traction as obviously the most accomplished of the Democratic contestants. However, I don't think any of it will work. His strategy — accepting no outside contributions and paying everything himself while his company news service blasts Mr. Trump without commenting on Mr. Bloomberg — will backfire. Avoiding the first four primaries will stir up great resentment; the DNC won't change its debate-eligibility yardstick to accommodate him, and I doubt if Mr. Bloomberg will get much response. He isn't an electrifying figure; he never should have recanted on stop-and-frisk (it worked); and the country doesn't like the idea of buying national office. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore. But if Bloomberg swings and misses for the nomination, it won't stop him from spending...(Read Full Post)
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