Hillary Clinton taking calls, getting closer and closer to running

Democratic voters couldn't be happier with their candidates.

That's the news from a poll from Gallup last month, reporting that satisfaction with the current field is the highest it's been in decades. So why is Hillary Clinton reportedly taking calls from her buddies from the Democratic National Committee about you-know-what?

The short answer is simple: The Democratic higher-ups, the elites Hillary hangs with, know that the current crop of cookie-cutter far-left candidates threatening to nationalize the country are not going to cut it in the general. The hoi polloi of their own party are a problem.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has clashed with the crazed-left "squad" reportedly told Democratic candidates to "Remember November" before they propose yet another $900 trillion tax-and-spend government takeover of something else.

Guys like Michael Bloomberg are already jumping in, something that's rattling the current field of Democrats that the Democratic voters are so happy with. 

With a divide like this, who does Hillary Clinton listen to? The Democratic elites, who are in this case the bigger realists? Or the looney-bin left who populate the Democratic base? 

It explains the dynamic of why Hillary might just be getting ever closer to running.

Take a look at how weird it's gotten:

Here's Hillary getting every closer to telling an interviewer she's running - this is from RealClearPolitics and click to see the video:

HILLARY CLINTON: You know, I have always been a very, very slow runner. I am embarrassingly slow. I’ve tried to run races and I am so far behind that I start to walk, acting like that was what the plan was all the time. I don’t know that I’m going to take up competitive running right now, but I think you’re asking about something else, aren’t you?
ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: There’s been some teasing and some hinting that, maybe, you’re sitting off in the wings here and waiting for some moment.

HILLARY CLINTON: Look, I think I would have been a really good president. I think I could have been a very effective leader. We have real divides in the country over all kinds of things, but I certainly, in my time in the Senate and Secretary of State, worked really hard, as you say, to actually solve problems, not exacerbate them or ignore them. I would have done everything I could to try to get us positioned for the future. That’s what a leader is supposed to do. Elections are supposed to be about the future and leadership should be about the future.

I think I could have done a really good job. I think the last election was deeply flawed and that there were so many unprecedented problems in that election that it’s almost hard to make sense of.

Here's more weird from The Spectator's columnist known as Cockburn:

Cockburn first heard talk of this from someone who’d been speaking to Roger Clinton, President Clinton’s ne’er do well half-brother. Roger apparently said that Hillary 2020 was being discussed ‘within the family’. But one of Hillary’s confidants told Cockburn that they ‘couldn’t imagine’ the circumstances in which she would run. Why then was Roger saying she might? ‘It’s possible he would misinterpret and distort various conversations.’ Roger was not to be relied on.

He also cites the Clinton book tour, which as we have noted here is a little more than a disguised presidential campaign that only needs to rip the mask off. She's gotten very practical about triangulating the electoral vote count to win, as I noted here.

Cockburn notes that Hillary is still stewing about her loss, unable to get it out of her mind.

He also notes Clinton's buddy-buddy relationship with DNC chairman Tom Perez (who can't seem to winnow his field of candidates as he's trying to do, hamstrung by the party's rules on grassroots donors to qualify for debate -- the fanatics in other words -- so why not add a whale to the mix to shake the field out?) That could corroborate the reports of Hillary 'taking calls.'

He writes that Huma Abedin, her longtime aide, is bugging her and bugging her to run, too.

There's also this, something that has to have her salivating: A Fox News poll shows that Clinton would beat President Trump by 12 points in a head-to-head race and she isn't even running, not officially. Whatever the dynamics of that, Hillary and her supporters would believe it would translate to victory.

So that's where we are now. All systems seem to be 'go' for Hillary. All she has to do is turn the ignition.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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