'He's not a king!' A brief encounter with the swamp

I recently spoke with an old acquaintance, just out of government, who had worked in the Intelligence Community in Washington.  The venue was a neighborhood party in a deep-blue area of the U.S., in one of the highest of high-income ZIP codes. As the lone conservative I tend to tread carefully in these discussions.  However, I thought she might have a conservative bent, as she seemed to share my mistrust of government.  When she first started working for the I.C., she told me she was waiting to meet "the adult in the room," as everyone she interacted with seemed clueless.  After a few years, she eventually realized "there was no adult in the room!" So I was interested in her take on the Trump impeachment process, then just getting under way.  When I brought it up, she immediately got excited.  "It's worse than you think; it's worse than anyone knows!"  I wondered what...(Read Full Post)
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