Dems' self-destructive defense of Biden family corruption

You know those idealized, perfectly conical shapes small children draw to depict hills and mountain peaks?  Well, according to the Cambridge Hillwalking Club, the Gaelic term for such a hill or peak so shaped is bidean or bidein.  Usually we find depictions of bideins adorning kindergarten walls and refrigerator doors, but in the case of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, it would seem the pooh-bahs of the party's congressional delegation seem to view, like small children, their own morally faulted, fissured, and distinctly irregular Biden as one of those idealized, perfectly symmetrical bideins, a pinnacle to be defended against all comers, in spite of a widely televised admission of corruption by Joe, involving himself and his son. If Trump-deranged, impeachment-crazed Democrats were still demonstrating even minor signs of political sanity, one might suppose they would think long and hard before trying to defend such overt dishonesty...(Read Full Post)
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