David Horowitz reminds us of our founding

On Monday, November 25, FrontPage Mag ran "Horowitz Video: How America is a Christian Idea."  It's a couple of videos of the great David Horowitz, author of Radical Son.  The first video is a short clip from the longer second video, which is about 25 minutes in length and archived at Vimeo.

Real Life - May 13, 2019 from DHFC on Vimeo.

What makes the video so compelling is the fact that Horowitz is not a Christian; he's an agnostic.  But he's also a fearless thinker.  He dilates on "the priesthood of all believers" and how that principle is woven into our founding.  However, if one doesn't have any patience for religious matters, Mr. Horowitz also delves into the current political scene and what the Left is up to.  Conservatives of all stripes, religious and non-religious, should watch this video.

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