A simple proof of intelligent design

One of the biggest, and most consequential, debates in science is the question of whether the universe, and the life it harbors, are intelligently designed, or whether we all exist only by random chance.  Many minds far greater than mine have debated the matter pro and con for years.  I have the audacity to propose a simple theorem that will put the matter to rest.  Here it is: Randomness can operate only within nonrandom parameters. The truth of that utterance is manifold, and its implications are all-embracing.  Acceptance or rejection of that simple statement decides whether we, as a society, accept moral principles that cannot possibly come from the human mind, but only from the Supreme Being. Although this very brief commentary cannot encompass all the complexities, let us nevertheless begin with the manifold layers of proof, and then proceed to the implications. To start us off, here is a trick question, using a pair of...(Read Full Post)
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