What those California blackouts really meant

What were some of the worst things to come out of California's blue-state blackout of the past few days?

Via Instapundit, Stephen Green has some doozy examples, describing some of the worst "unintended consequences" of the "public safety" blackout, starting with what a University of California researcher recently learned:

At UC Berkeley, where you'd expect all this planet-saving to be applauded, at least one student is probably less than thrilled. ABC7 reports that biochem grad student Sarah Morris says that the recent outage — again, a planned and on-purpose outage — "may have destroyed two years of her ground-breaking cancer research, valued at $500,000." If you're wondering what its value could have been to cancer victims who now might never receive the benefits of Morris's research, I suspect you're not alone.

So instead of clearing brush to prevent fires, two years of cancer research had to go, sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and environmental wackoism, prioritizing some field rat's habitat over saving human lives.

This is the environmental agenda in a nutshell. 

Green also points to the trashing of the rural parts of the state's economy, in battered towns such as Eureka and the environs, which cost them much of their refrigerated food supply — all their dairy products had to be thrown out, putting them in a pioneer state of nature.

And interestingly enough, with all this saving of the Earth going on, über-blue San Francisco got its lights kept on and in fact sacrificed nothing.

It ought to be the raw tinder of change, given how extreme and hypocritical the state has become, cosseting its rich elites and throwing hell on the sick, the less connected, and the nobodies out in the hinterlands.  Green's piece lays out the shocking details.

One senses the voters might just do something about this...would they?  If they don't, rest assured: it's going to get a whole lot worse from this self-congratulatory bunch.  The recall petition on California's far-left governor is still taking signatures... 

Read the whole thing here.

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