'Unity' on the forked tongues of Democrats

The oddity and strangeness of Democrats never fail to amaze.  Imagine living in Portland and believing that donning a mask and blocking traffic while threatening violence against people going to breakfast is somehow going to make America a better place to live. Imagine getting on a carbon-fiber sailboat with a backup diesel engine and then scolding every adult in sight because you have ecological obsessions that control you rather than the other way around. Imagine telling a Trump voter that the only way to unify the country is to have his Trump vote nullified through impeachment based upon a Deep-State desire for power and control. This idea, basically a leftist scream to be decoded as "Take away what you want, give us what we want, and all will be well," is being shopped by various media sources. It was shopped last week by some dimwit on The View and seconded by the dimmer wit vegetating next to her.  Bill Scher at RCP shops this bizarre...(Read Full Post)
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