The mother of all hissy fits

By now, you've all heard about Speaker Nancy Pelosi walking out on President Trump.  I'm still a bit confused about "he said," but "she said" that he showed no respect.

My theory is that Speaker Pelosi was trying to pick a fight with President Trump to compensate for the announcement that there'd be no impeachment vote anytime soon.  

What else do you do when the left wants to hang him from the tree outside of the Capitol Building?  

No matter what, Speaker Pelosi did not look good for a woman who is third in line to assume the presidency.  

Furthermore, it did not help the image of women, as Miranda Devine wrote:   

She must imagine it portrays her in a good light. It doesn’t, no matter how many progressive women share it triumphantly on social media as a symbol of female empowerment. 

It’s more a symbol of female entitlement.

It’s an embarrassment to women who want to be judged on their merits, not given special treatment by men through melodrama and flouncing hysterics.

To be honest, it'd be better if our leaders would be able to talk and not scream at each other.  

At the same time, this was a premeditated attack intended to show the left that the speaker hates the President as much as they do.

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