Meet the real Mitt Romney: Pierre Delecto

You can't make this stuff up. 

Mitt Romney admits he's operating a secret Twitter account, revealing his real thoughts about President Trump, the deplorables, and everyone else, posting as — are you ready — Pierre Delecto.

Not even Mitt Romney's worst detractors could make that one up.  "Pepe le Pew" was just a grasp at straws...

Slate magazine of all places had a brilliant piece of detective work pretty well proving this is what was going on.  The Atlantic, which has lately beclowned itself by hagiograph-ing Romney, of course got the scoop confirming its veracity from Pierre Delecto himself.  "C'est moi," he declared, before making the account private. 

Pierre Delecto, indeed.  It ought to be his real name. 

What was in that now private account?  The awesome Slate report is still up, and its sharp-minded (if lefty) writer cherry-picked all the revealing stuff Romney is not brave enough to say in public but puts out there in what he thinks is at least semi-private.  Cripes, who knew? 

Slate's curation reveals a man with thin skin, piping up when his name gets left off some list; seething in disdain for the deplorables ("never read the comments section," he advises some NeverTrump); a wounded ego; lingering bitterness about why voters rejected him in 2012; zero sense of perspective as to why he was defeated; his fondness for George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's crazy husband who hates Trump rabidly; ego-stoking praise from random tweeters; and oodles of other embarrassing stuff.  Romney's real self is revealed in Pierre, and he comes off as petulant; petty; hypocritical; arrogant; self-regarding; and anything but the sturdy manly man who can roll with the punches, which is the role he plays in public.  Nope, he's all Pierre Delecto here, now exposed as the real Mitt Romney, handing us all too much information just as he's criticized some of his family members for.  Pierre Delecto, indeed...

It's as perfect a name for the pompous priss as "Carlos Danger" was for Democratic Party pervert Anthony Weiner, or "Reinhold Niebuhr" was for fired FBI director James Comey.  For that reason, it's a name that's likely to stick, same way "Fredo" is going to stick forever to thin-skinned princeling television host Chris Cuomo.  One can only hope a blunder like this will carry some political consequences for Romney, too, waking his voters up to his essential phoniness.  This isn't a guy on the same page as President Trump, as they are, and his claims to conservatism are utterly laughable.  He's now an embarrassment.  Thanks for telling us, Pierre Delecto.

Image credit: Prayitno via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY SA 2.0.

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