The Left's last card

Emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Russia collusion, the Mueller report, impeachment...  The Left has played damn near every card in the deck against Donald Trump to no result whatsoever.  Leftists are getting down to the bottom of the deck, and the final card: assassination. This is not to say that the Democrats or even the denizens of the Deep State would directly involve themselves in an assassination attempt against the president.  (Though I would go so far as to say that they would welcome it.)  But let's consider the landscape: The vivacious and witty Kathy Griffith and her severed head prop. Robert De Niro, having taken too many blows to the head while prepping to play Jake LaMotta, skips no opportunity to call for violence against Donald Trump.  (Let's not forget that De Niro came to prominence through his chilling performance of a psychopathic would-be assassin who in turn inspired John...(Read Full Post)
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