The left stumbles all over itself to praise al-Baghdadi

For the left, there's one and only one enemy: President Trump. So anyone against him has got to be something good. Hence, the long string of beclownings now rolling out from avowed leftists from Hollywood and beyond, in the wake of the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rubout. Tucker Carlson at Fox News has a rundown of how bad it's gotten. Here in Washington, manycomplained that Trump had dared to kill him. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [complained she] hadn’t been given notification. Former Obama national director James Clapper told viewers that somehow the killing of the ISIS leader would make ISIS stronger. On CNN, some compare the president to ISIS.” And he didn't get all of them. Here's more from the Trump-haters, opening jaws and engaging brains afterward:   Jamie Lee Curtis deletes anti-Trump tweet saying ISIS leader 'suffered' — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) October 28,...(Read Full Post)
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