The cowboy and the president

The Naked Cowboy was at his customary station yesterday when he looked up to behold no less than the Orange Colossus himself approaching through the Blade Runner glimmer of the new Times Square. The Naked Cowboy is Robert John Burck, a street performer who plays guitar and sings most days at the same spot in Times Square while wearing only western boots, a cowboy hat, and what amounts to a pair of skivvies. The Cowboy has long been a supporter of conservative causes, in particular the Tea Party movement.  In 2009, he challenged Michael Bloomberg for the New York City mayoralty.  In 2012, he set us his sights higher, challenging yet another performance artist, Barack Obama.  The so-called "Lightbringer" was posing as American president at the time. As for President Donald Trump, he needs no introduction whatsoever. According to "The Mack Talks," which was broadcasting from Times Square at the time, President...(Read Full Post)
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