The Clintons: Flesh-eating disease of the American body politic

If we reflect on the current crises that afflict our nation, look no farther than the poison injected into our national bloodstream by the Clintons.

There is no need to go back to the numerous scandals that bedeviled Bill Clinton's days in office, as governor of Arkansas and as president.  Hillary was behind them all: Whitewater, bimbo eruptions, foreign money (remember Charlie Trie?).  Bill Clinton was a walking, talking serial philanderer scandal.  He was rightfully impeached for lying under oath.  The man was and remains a cad.  But when it comes to criminality, Bill can't hold a candle to Hillary.  Machiavelli would be proud: "Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception."  Hillary's entire life in politics has been about deception in the certain belief that she is smarter than everyone else, when in fact she is as transparent as a piece of glass.  Those of us who have had to endure her presence in our public life for decades saw her for who and what she was long ago: a greedy, power-hungry pol with delusions of grandeur. 

Consider, though, that it is the Clintons who have polluted our national politics since 1992.  Sure, JFK was an adulterer, LBJ was a creep on many levels, but Hillary really does take the cake.  She still thinks she won the 2016 election!  She is the Stacey Abrams of national politics, fantastically deluded.  It is the Clintons who have led us to the present moment — the ridiculous attempt by the Democrats to impeach a successful president based on calculated lies and treachery that began with the "dossier" that Hillary commissioned Fusion GPS to produce.

All that has followed can be traced back to Hillary's campaign to be president and to insure her victory by deceit.  She was an expert at subterfuge long before she ran for president.  She used her stint as secretary of state to enrich herself with her pay-to-play scheme with the Clinton Foundation as her front.  She sucked up millions into her faux charity, and she saw to it that the payees got what they wanted — 20% of our uranium, for example, sold to Russia.  Hillary was an equal-opportunity greed machine.  She sold access to America's largesse to the highest bidder.  She did not distinguish between good and evil, and most of those from whom she took vast sums of money were not our allies.  When she lost the election, all that payola dried up for obvious reasons. 

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the devastation that has been visited upon Libya.  That was her baby.  It was Hillary who refused to send help to our guys stranded in Benghazi when our embassy was under attack.  She let Ambassador Christopher Stevens be killed.  She was behind the scheme to run American guns from Libya to Syria.  She proved her callous lack of foreign policy judgment with that fateful disaster.  She should never again be even remotely close to having to make such decisions.  Had her husband Bill had the courage, he would have taken out Osama bin Laden when he had the several chances, and the horrific crime of 9/11 might have been prevented.  Had Bill Clinton's deputy A.G., Jamie Gorelick, not built her "wall" preventing communication between among agencies about their independent investigations of potential terrorists, 9/11 might well have been prevented.

In short, the Clintons and their henchmen have done incalculable damage to this country.  They are responsible for countless deaths, here and abroad.  And yet this hopelessly narcissistic woman decries her loss in 2016 and still claims she won!

The three-year investigation that was in fact a cover-up operation can be traced directly to Hillary Clinton.  Her coterie of fellow schemers who were dedicated to insuring her victory spent millions, lied, cheated, and deceived the American people with the certainty she would win.  It is a miracle that despite all their cheating, their underhanded attempt to destroy Trump, he still won.  It is as though the hand of providence stepped in to save the nation.  Blinded by their loathing of Trump the interloper, they've lost their minds.  Their attempt to remove him from office will fail, and in the process, they will have revealed to all how patently perverse they are.  The Democrats driving this impeachment inquiry — Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, et al. — should be driven from office with the contempt they deserve.  But we can thank the Clintons for bringing us to this crossroads.  They are the bacteria that brought this national flesh-eating disease to the American psyche.  They have long been a scourge on our body politic, and it must end.  We are where we are because of them, along with their conviction that they are superior beings entitled to rule.  Each of the Democrat candidates for the presidency are following Hillary's lead - remake America into something it was never meant to be. 

What is the cure for the disease? Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and their partners in crime, all those fake whistleblowers, need to be rebuked and called out for what they are - fascists masquerading as Americans. May the Horowitz, Barr and Durham reports bring them to their knees and expose them for the anti-constitutionalists, anti-Americans that they are. Trump is the ultimate anti-biotic, elected to cure the Clinton disease.

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