Speaking of 'moral decay'...

Anti-Trump columnists, such as the Washington Post's Michael Gerson, sure have a lot to say about "moral decay" in the era of President Trump, urging Americans to dump him, and who knows, maybe vote for a Democrat instead. He's not the only one with this line of thinking, but what he came up this week with was a beaut: "If Republicans stay loyal to Trump, they'll be implicated in the moral decay of our politics." It's utter nonsense.  Here's some perspective for pompous asses of his ilk: I believe that moral decay can be defined as allowing defenseless babies to be killed at and after full term, disguising that brutality as "reproductive choice." Moral decay is when journalists and other Democrats look the other way when people like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton use their powerful government positions to enrich their families with huge financial windfalls, especially from other...(Read Full Post)
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