Orange man bad?

Every headline basically reads the same: "Orange man bad!" Coming from the supermarket tabloids, right next to the alien abduction and the miracle weight loss stories, that would be kind of amusing.  But coming from the "important" people — the NY Times, the WaPo, the major networks — that is not funny at all. But if the fact of it is nothing to smile about — and the dissolution of once respected institution isn't, or at least shouldn't be — we should be able to find at least some peace and quiet in understanding the "whys" of it. And indeed that we can.  For the reason for the unending hate is the establishment's fear — fear not only that they are losing, but what they are losing. In a nutshell, they — the established "somebodies" and their media allies — are desperate.  They are desperate because Trump is succeeding.  He is actually...(Read Full Post)
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