Mitt Romney, Mr. Unreliable

Mitt Romney, commenting about the Trump pull-out of U.S. troops in northern Syria, says America is "an unreliable ally."

Hey, Mitt: America demonstrated that she's an unreliable ally a long time ago in that one war over in southeast Asia that you missed out on.  Remember that war?  The one where our allies were doing just fine 'til Congress cut them off?  You might wanna compare notes with John Kerry; it's seared into his brain.

Let's talk some more about unreliable allies.  When Mitt expressed interest in the SecState job, and despite of Romney's unfriendliness, Donald Trump interviewed him for the position.  Even before the president decided on the pick, Mitt was over in Europe, bad-mouthing his own president.

Then when Mitt was running for the Senate in Utah, and despite the above backstabbery, he sought and got an ally in Trump.  The president went to Utah and spoke up for Candidate Romney.  Soon after winning the election, the same Mitt Romney published a lengthy op-ed in the Washington Post assassinating the president's character.

Talk about "an unreliable ally."

Even if he's right about the Syrian issue — and that's a matter of opinion at this point, with Romney no more qualified to comment on it than anybody else — Mitt Romney isn't the one to be delivering this message.  He has neither a military nor a diplomatic background, nor any particular expertise in that area of the world.  Nor has he demonstrated any special insight into that complex situation.

Mitt, there are times when the best thing is to keep your own counsel, also expressible as sit down and shut up.  We commend that course of action to you.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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