Minnesota legislator supports Antifa rioters

It turns out that a Minnesota politician was seen supporting the Antifa rioters who attempted to disrupt President Trump's speech in Minneapolis Thursday night.

There's been some speculation that Ilhan (Omar) Elmi was there as well — there is video footage of a woman with her face half-covered who strongly resembles her — but the Minnesota pol is dead certain.  After all, she's kind of hard to miss:

A quick examination of Aisha Gomez's (Islam crossed with the Addams Family. You can't beat that.) Twitter feed reveals such gems as this:

All I know is we are taking back the MN senate in 2020 and we aren’t leaving anyone behind.

Not undocumented folks, not LQBTQ kids, not people rationing insulin, not survivors, not formerly or currently incarcerated people, not people who can get pregnant. Not anyone.

At the climate march today the youth spoke of colonialism, corporatism, racism, income inequality, indigenous genocide, capitalism, US militarism, heteropatriarchy. Our struggles are connected.

Moderate Dems are out here using working people in unions to advance the interests of insurance companies making billions off health care.

Significant material reparations for black people — as determined by black people — is a moral and economic imperative.

But my favorite is this one:

I learned so much reading this nuanced and moving piece of writing/ scholarship about the complicated reality of sex work. Sex work is work and I'm listening to the workers.

She also regularly retweets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and Ilhan Omar.

That Gomez was at the scene to actually support Antifa is not in question, as can be clearly seen in these tweets:

I keep seeing chemical irritants precipitating escalation and I think it is the wrong approach for crowd control.

I am on 6th and Hennepin. I just received a call from Mayor @Jacob_Frey that he spoke with the Chief and honored my request that they not use anymore chemical irritants on the crowd.

In other words, she conspired with Mayor Frey (who earlier attempted to prevent the Trump rally from happening) to deprive the police of a useful, nonlethal method of controlling rioters.  No wonder it got out of control.

Gomez is proof positive of Minnesota's status as one of the Crazy States.  Minnesota may have lagged for decades behind Cali and Florida, but a little more of this, and she'll easily pull ahead.

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