Lurid sex allegations against MSNBC's president will teach liberal audience nothing

Predictably, the latest "me-too" revelation features objectionable behavior by another leftist/establishment media figure.  Ronan Farrow's new book, Catch and Kill, alleges that MSNBC president Phil Griffin displayed a photo of Maria Menounos's naked crotch during a staff meeting.  Griffin is also accused of using lewd language in work emails and forcing female producers to join him at a peep show in Times Square.

To say MSNBC has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump would be a tremendous understatement.  The attacks on Trump from that network go so far beyond ordinary political commentary that the president and his allies barely bother responding, preferring to spar with CNN instead.  In all controversies involving Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, or any aspect of the current administration, MSNBC has been the most vehement of all media outlets.  MSNBC has been as responsible as any single network for the refusal of Hillary supporters to move beyond the election of 2016.  MSNBC has been more outspoken than most networks in favor of the "Believe All Women" slogan.  The female voters affected by the so-called "gender gap" certainly have a home at MSNBC.  For every intellectual atrocity that the Left has committed, MSNBC has been an instigator and provocateur.

As president of MSNBC since 2008, Phil Griffin has had more to say about MSNBC's policies and agendas than any other single individual.

Is it significant that yet another major media figure has been caught engaging in sexual harassment and boorish behavior?  Yes, but not nearly as significant as what these revelations tell us about the MSNBC viewer base.  Those who parade in outfits meant to emulate female sexual organs are unlikely to question the source of their ideology, despite these revelations. That their activism has been fueled partly by the steady parade of Griffin's MSNBC propaganda will not dampen their enthusiasm.  That their understanding of national politics came to them pre-filtered through the regime of a boorish misogynist will make no difference.  That they have been pawns of a man who forces subordinates into unwanted sexual situations will not cause a moment's reflection or re-examination.  

Those who accept uncritically the prepackaged accusations against Justice Kavanaugh while following Phil Griffin's MSNBC party line remind me of the socialists who refuse to let socialism's many global failures weaken their faith.  Leftists demand socialism no matter how badly it has failed.  Leftist politicians never tire of promising us they will implement socialism correctly this time, and that the leaders of Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Cambodia, and North Korea somehow did it wrong.  Today's Democrats resolve to leave no stone unturned in their quest to make every item free.  If it means bankrupting every taxpayer in order to do it, then so be it.  If it means ignoring or forgetting all of socialism's brutality and deprivations, then the truth will just have to suffer.

In the same way, they have only redoubled their efforts in the face of the sexual harassment scandals of the past two years.  They reluctantly acknowledge the failings of Weinstein, Lauer, Rose, Franken, Hoffman, Spacey, and other leftist/establishment icons.  But they never question the ideology that placed these icons in power in the first place.  Instead, they long for the days when true leftism will someday dominate the culture and the country completely.  The impurity of their icons can be cleansed only by the ascension of icons even more extreme.  In the immediate aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, actress Amber Tamblyn lent her name to an opinion piece that lamented Hillary's election loss, as if Hillary would have stopped the sexual abuse despite her alliance with Weinstein.  That Weinstein bought political protection from Hillary and her party for years does not dampen the faith.  These people will never let facts get in the way of their crusade.

In the minds of the leftists, we are always only one election away from a utopia in which the right people will finally be in power.  If sexual harassment still occurs, it is because we have not quite yet elected enough leftists, raised enough taxes, confiscated enough guns, shut down enough industries, denied enough free speech, protected enough illegal aliens, demonized enough Christians, and spilled enough blood.  Phil Griffin is just not the right kind of leftist network president.  But after we raise taxes, sign the Paris Accord, and shut down the NRA, MSNBC will somehow get the message, toe the line, and appoint a president who does not make his female employees watch porn.

In the meantime, they will attack Republicans at Trump rallies, wear their pink outfits, and shout down their opponents.  The louder that they shout, the less likely they are to learn that their benefactors and instigators are staring at pornographic photos in the conference rooms of their favorite television network.

Image: via Wikimedia Commons.

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