Liberals just don't think like us

If you are mystified by things liberals say and do, then you are in good company.  What they say, and what they do, begins with what they think, and they do not think like us.  Their thinking makes as little sense as what they say and do. For example, liberal politicians can lie to your face — and then, even when they know that you have caught them in a lie, they have no shame.  Indeed, when challenged, they will, astonishingly, either repeat the same lie or tell a different one, and all without blinking an eye.  Witness Elizabeth Warren with her repeated fabrications, one of the latest of which is that she was fired for getting pregnant, provably a lie, yet she tenaciously repeats it without shame. When you or I speak, our reference point is the truth.  When they speak, their reference point is their political or personal self-interest.  Truth is their enemy.  It exposes their...(Read Full Post)
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