Leftist heroes of the Week? Hillary, Schiff, and Mitt

We should all realize that the Democrats are floundering badly, like fish out of water, because their activists, their defenders in league with the corrupt media, are the grossly dishonest and deluded Hillary Clinton; Adam Schiff; and now the poor, pathetic Mitt Romney.

Pelosi is right there with Schiff; she's the wind beneath his little flapping wings.  Hillary has, for all to see, gone completely bonkers.  Since she lost the election, she has blamed too many people and groups and mindsets to list.  This past week, she escalated her paranoia by claiming that Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are both "Russian assets."  She said this to Obama operative David Plouffe on a podcast, who did not gasp in disbelief.  He pretended she is sane.

Hillary, like Schiff and Romney, has made herself a laughingstock.  We should all be grateful that this woman never made it to the White House.  The entire Russia hoax began with her.  The Steele dossier was commissioned by her.  The Mueller investigation, the wasted taxpayer dollars, that resulted in Trump being cleared is on her head.  That entire, monstrous travesty was her baby.  Sure, the Deep State thugs like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al. were only too happy to get on board.  They loathed and feared an outsider like Trump and wanted to insure their own job security, so they all colluded to derail Trump's candidacy and then his presidency.  These people, all of them, are diabolical, wholly without a shred of honor or decency. 

Then there is Adam Schiff, the inept congressman from California whom Pelosi, in a moment of extraordinarily poor judgment, appointed to be head of the House Intelligence Committee.  That powerful position went to his head, already addled by his hatred for Trump.  What he lacks in intellect, honor, and judgment, he makes up for with chutzpah.

There is nothing more ridiculous than a morally and mentally deficient person who believes that others see him as brilliant and powerful.  Schiff and Hillary share this sad trait.  Hillary, as we all now know, was never the smartest woman in any room.  Schiff is an embarrassment to his committee and his constituents.  If he really believes that the American people are being fooled by his Stasi-like secret hearings meant to support his intention to see Trump impeached, he is sadly mistaken.

Like Hillary, Schiff has become a man who invites mockery.  The Republicans were right to try to censure him.  The Democrats stuck together and voted against censure but surely know he is a terrible liability.  Schiff operates as though he had been trained by the FSB.  He ignores all of our constitutional protections and rights to due process, and his colleagues in the House bury their heads in the sand.  The man is pond scum.

What does one say about Mitt Romney's descent into elitist madness?  A fake Twitter account!  It's as though he were in middle school.  Those of us who supported his bid for the presidency in 2012 are shocked and horrified by his childish attempt to take Trump down, to see him impeached.  What became of this man we all believed to be above reproach?  He wanted to be Trump's secretary of state.  That did not happen, so it seems he is bitter and has regressed to schoolyard bullying.  He's cozying up to the people who did everything in their power to see that he was defeated by Obama, to their everlasting shame.  He's chosen the Left and the silly NeverTrumps over the country and Trump's phenomenal success as president.  Sad to see.  Pierre Delecto!  Who chooses such a silly alias?  Anthony Weiner did.

Mitt is not the good man we thought he was.  He has let his resentment overtake his love of country.

Most Americans who pay attention to politics, especially conservatives, have long realized that the members of the Beltway self-appointed elite care little about the 330 million–plus people who inhabit and love this nation.  They care, first and foremost, about the preservation of their own power and the wealth that inevitably comes with it.  The Clintons and the Obamas came to the office without great wealth but left as multi-millionaires through graft and pay-to-play.  They were bought and paid for by those to whom they sold themselves.  See Peter Schweizer's books.

The Democrats who have long opposed foreign wars suddenly support them because Trump is trying to end them.  One has to wonder why.  Could it be that they all profit from it?  Has their anti-war stance always been a pretense?  Judicial Watch today released documents that prove that Hillary knew for about ten days that the attack on the embassy in Benghazi was planned by terrorists and that it was all about her funneling guns from Libya to Syrian rebels.  She did nothing to protect or save the Americans who died there.  She and the rest of her set protect themselves, enrich themselves, without regard for others. 

So America is most certainly at a crossroads.  Will we be governed by the Constitution that has served us well for two hundred and thirty years or by a kakistocracy, a government run by the least qualified, the most unscrupulous people who somehow rise to positions of power?  Trump continues to implement his drain-the-swamp agenda despite the full power of the Beltway Left and the media that mean to depose him.  Hillary, Schiff, and now Romney are swamp-dwellers who have contempt for all of us in flyover country.

To the rest of us, Trump is the unlikely savior of the America we knew and still love.  He fights for us.  The Democrats and their agents fight against us.  They mean to dictate how we live our lives in every sense of the word "control."  As Mark Levin often reminds, they never mention the word "freedom" or "liberty."  That is precisely why they must be defeated.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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