Kamala Harris reveals her totalitarian impulse

Unable to revive her faltering presidential campaign and desperate to find some sort of gimmick more effective than claiming to have been saved from segregated schools by bussing (in Berkeley, California! — yeah, right), Kamala Harris is now seeking to have President Trump kicked off Twitter so he cannot speak so directly to the American people on a widely available public forum.

Appearing on CNN, that's what she said:

Later, she cajoled her constituent, Twitter head Jack Dorsey, to shut down the president of the United States:

This amounts to a confession that her side of the political divide can't win arguments unless the other side is silenced.  This is shameful and should be repudiated by the other candidates, but it won't.  They probably share her panic and her response.  Moreover, there is no big advantage to be had by attacking her, since her campaign is going nowhere, despite a kickoff rally that featured an impressive turnout and a third-quarter fundraising total of $11.8 million, down only slightly from her second-quarter total.

Senator Harris's political career is unraveling under the scrutiny a presidential campaign brings.  People see her for the ruthless, unprincipled, pathologically ambitious pol she is.  Sleeping with Willie Brown can take one only so far in politics, especially after dumping him.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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