In the age of leftism

Christopher Columbus is a warmonger. NBA players are profiteers of a communist regime. Democratic 2020 candidates propose elimination of mandatory HIV disclosures. Canada elects a substitute drama teacher for prime minister.  Third-trimester abortions of fully formed babies are legal. Calling someone an "illegal alien" (a legal term), carries a fine of up to $250,000.  There are 72 genders.  Climate change will kill us in 12 years unless we kill our transportation and cows and turn to cannibalism.  A violent, anarchist group that beats up people is called "anti-fascist" or Antifa."  Up to 100,000 illegals cross the border monthly, bringing with them MS-13 thugs and narcotics.  Democrats call it a "manufactured crisis." Israel is an apartheid state. Benjamin Netanyahu is Hitler. The Holocaust has two equally credible debate positions: 1) it happened 2) it didn't...(Read Full Post)
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