In the age of leftism

Christopher Columbus is a warmonger.

NBA players are profiteers of a communist regime.

Democratic 2020 candidates propose elimination of mandatory HIV disclosures.

Canada elects a substitute drama teacher for prime minister. 

Third-trimester abortions of fully formed babies are legal.

Calling someone an "illegal alien" (a legal term), carries a fine of up to $250,000. 

There are 72 genders. 

Climate change will kill us in 12 years unless we kill our transportation and cows and turn to cannibalism. 

A violent, anarchist group that beats up people is called "anti-fascist" or Antifa." 

Up to 100,000 illegals cross the border monthly, bringing with them MS-13 thugs and narcotics.  Democrats call it a "manufactured crisis."

Israel is an apartheid state.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Hitler.

The Holocaust has two equally credible debate positions: 1) it happened 2) it didn't happen.

Teachers are required to present LGBT content to junior high school kids. 

Women march with vaginas on their heads. 

Illegal aliens can obtain driver's licenses.

A child with Asperger's lectures U.N. adults on climate fluctuations as a man-made phenomenon. 

The P.M. of Canada invents a new word: "peoplekind."

Al Gore, the man who predicted there will be no icebergs by 2013 in a video, is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Democrats perpetuate world's greatest lie: the president of their country is a "Russian spy."

Democrats attempt to remove a president because he is looking into corruption. 

Socialism, a failed and murderous ideology, is at the forefront of American politics.  

Bartenders are elected to government posts and demand abolition of all prisons to end an "American apartheid."

A sharia law Islamist who married her brother to circumvent American laws is now an American congresswoman.

The House fails to pass a resolution against anti-Semitism by its own members.  Because those members are Muslim.

Liberal American Jews write proclamations against a president who is raising Jewish grandchildren and recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jews. 

Islam, an ideology of jihad, is called a "religion of peace."

A congresswoman publicly calls her president "m-----------."  Then sells T-shirts to the public with the same.

Actors advocate punching faces, beheading presidents, and burning the White House to the ground.

The P.M. of Canada pays $10.5 million to a terrorist who killed and maimed Americans.  He then repatriates him to Canada. 

Mahmoud Abbas calls for street stabbings of Israeli citizens and pays a monthly $2,500 stipend to terrorists' families.  The E.U. sustains this murderer to the tune of $250,000,000 annually.

Fashion designers refuse to dress the first lady.

The pope washes the feet of Muslims.

A sharia law–follower heads up 21st-century feminism.

LGBT locks hands with throw-gays-off-rooftops Islam.

Communist flags are flown on American soil.

Harvard curtails the enrollment of Asian-American students.

A new gender, "X," appears on Canadian passports.

The head of the biggest intelligence organization in the world, the FBI, leaks information to the press.

A secretary of state destroys her electronic devices with a hammer, deletes 33,000 emails, and becomes the 2016 candidate for the presidency.

In the era of the #metoo, the DNC selects a presidential candidate who helped settle her husband's rape and assault charges and provided legal defense to a rapist of a disabled 12-year-old . 

Men, with higher testosterone levels and higher muscle-to-fat distribution, declare themselves female.  They win martial arts, track and field, swimming, and weightlifting competitions in female categories.

Israel is called an aggressor as it defends its borders against Hamas terrorists.

The mayor of London announces that terror is part of living in a big city.

Europe forces a migration of what's left of European Jewry to Israel due to skyrocketing anti-Semitic crime by Muslims, all the while mumbling, "Never Again."

A man with lipstick demands Brazilian wax jobs of female employees in salons.  He sues them if denied service.

U.K. police, arresting Muslim grooming gang and hate crime criminals, report them as "Asians." 

Incessant homelessness, soup kitchens, syringes, and feces on the street corners are part of wealthy living in the state of California. 

White vans and self-wielding knives murder innocents at Christmas markets. 

Democrats want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

A woman who fabricated a lie to gain entry to Harvard is at the top of the Democratic presidential candidacy polls.

A man who endorsed the American Communist Party is running for president of the United States. 

A man who gifted $150 billion to a country that oppresses women, traffics narcotics, and sponsors terror is given a Nobel Peace Prize.

With nuclear North Korea, Islamist Iran, and over one billion living in nuclear communist China, Texas-economy-sized Russia is the worst evil on Earth.

American liberal Jewry votes for a president who, at the U.N., calls for Israel's 1967 borders and orchestrates resolution #2334, claiming Israel illegitimate in Jewish hands.  Twice!

In a time of surging stocks, record employment, record female work participation, and economic prosperity in the most capitalist country in the world, capitalism is scorned. 

In the age of unhinged leftism, tell me again how Trump offends you...

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