Illinois judge candidate has Muslim Brotherhood ties

Early October, the president of Muslim Bar Association of Illinois, Dr. Azam Nizamuddin, announced that he is the Democratic candidate for the position of circuit judge in Dupage County, Illinois's second-most populous county, in 2020. As a lawyer with twenty years of experience, adjunct professor of theology, and interfaith activist, Nizamuddin may sound like the perfect candidate for the job, but his background also raises some concerns. In 2015, Nizamuddin was appointed general counsel and deputy executive director of North American Islamic Trust, Inc. (NAIT).  Nizamuddin also serves as chief compliance officer for NAIT's for-profit subsidiary, Allied Asset Advisors (AAA). NAIT describes itself as "a waqf," the historical Islamic equivalent of an American trust or endowment, serving Muslims in the United States and their institutions. NAIT was established in 1973 in Indiana by the Muslim Students Association of U.S. and Canada...(Read Full Post)
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