Dan Crenshaw challenges entire premise of Ukraine impeachment efforts

Finally! A political figure, rising star Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, has challenged the false premise that there was anything wrong with President Trump asking for Ukrainian help in an investigation of corruption in the 2016 election undertaken by Joe Biden. Just because it would potentially help discredit a potential political opponent is no reason to override the public benefit from investigating corruption.

For some reason, no other national politician has bothered making this point. Crenshaw did so yesterday on CNN, and faced intense opposition from CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

I prefer to look through the other end of the telescope and express the question this way:

Does becoming a potential political opponent of the sitting president shield a politician from investigation of his or her political corruption, exposure of which could harm his/her electoral prospects?

 If so, all crooks need to do is run for president and escape further scrutiny by the Department of Justice, because the president is in charge of the DoJ.

photo credit: Twitter video screen grab

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