Boulder warfare in blue and ever more Hobbesian San Francisco

Seems the famed poop patrols of San Francisco aren't quite doing the job the press reported they would be doing in cleaning up the homeless-wracked, poop-filled metropolis.

So residents of a neighborhood near Mission Dolores, the area that borders the Castro on one side and the Mission district on the other, took matters into their own hands.  They purchased and installed big boulders on the sidewalks to discourage tent encampments following the 300 complaints they made to the city about poop and tents and drug-dealing, all of which got ignored.  Call it boulder warfare.  Call it the castle defense.  They sure as heck weren't going to get any attention otherwise.

Residents of San Francisco's Castro neighborhood are using boulders to deter the homeless from camping there, according to KTVU.

Neighbors purchased 25 boulders and placed them on the sidewalk of Clinton Park, a residential street west of Market and Dolores streets, in hopes of stopping people from setting up tents there.

"Since the rocks, it has helped," neighbor Ernesto Jerez told KTVU.

Naturally, they were excoriated for it by the Left:

"There's actually a name for it. It's called anti-homeless architecture," Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness, told KTVU on Monday.

This calls to light that San Francisco's abundant homeless population is there only because of such rich and powerful NGO advocate lobbies, which have much stronger hooks into City Hall than any mere taxpaying unhappy property-owner.

That would explain why this time, the politically correct city was on the ball, rushing forward to clear the rocks in the name of "safety" after originally saying it would live and let live.  One homeless advocate complaint, and off they go, running to accommodate.

And yes, sure enough, it is the same people who run the unresponsive poop patrols who had that get-go to clear the boulders — the San Francisco Department of Public Works, run by one Mohammed Nuru, quoted extensively in both the poop patrol pieces and the decision to remove the reactionary boulders.  Same guy.  He can't keep the neighborhood clean, but oh, he's Johnny on the spot when it comes time to clear the anti-camping boulders.

It not only shows that taxpaying residents of the city are desperate for some kind of relief, but also shows that the city doesn't actually care.  It's got a homeless empire to defend.  So it's getting Hobbesian as the city gets mired in special interest groups seeking to defend their interests, and to heck with a public polity.

Maybe if the city had some rules about homeless camping, there'd be some civility.  No such luck in a blue city, however.

This ultimately raises questions about why these people keep voting Democrat in that solid blue city.  With city officials bowing to only the most powerful political players anymore, that leaves the taxpayers out on their ears.  Maybe it's time for them to get to the root of their problem and start electing sane people who don't bow to the survival-of-the-fittest and most moneyed now seen ruling San Francisco's poop-strewn streets.

Image credit: Monica Showalter.

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