Six ways to Sunday? Intelligence chiefs not only altered rules about firsthand knowledge to file whistleblower report...

Remember when Sen. Chuck Schumer, in response to criticism President Trump leveled at the Intelligence Community, retorted with this?

"Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you," Schumer told MSNBC's host Rachel Maddow.

Turns out that's an understatement, as the Federalist's Sean Davis has now uncovered in a truly outrageous report.

We already know that the Intelligence Community's inspector general (ICIG) office mysteriously changed its rules for anyone filing a whistleblower complaint to not needing to have one's information firsthand just before the famed whistleblower filed his report sometime around August.

Now it comes to light that this same intelligence committee inspector general's office changed its rules after the whistleblower complaint was filed, not before.  And they changed the rules to accommodate the embittered anti-Trump intelligence official, Davis reported.

A brief bullet-point list gives some of the flavor of how badly this "whistleblower" report has been planned and rigged:

  • The ICIG had sole authority to change the rules, so the office was the sole influencer of the report's outcome.
  • The ICIG has since claimed that that's irrelevant, since the office sets the rules.
  • Not only did the whistleblower complaint break those rules, but its accuser didn't even make the accusation about intelligence matters — just phone diplomacy between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, which is supposed to be protected from leaks.
  • The whistleblower complaint also revealed a ton of made up lies, utterly negated by President Trump's unexpected release of the transcript.
  • The ICIG never bothered to cross-check the two items of data — the complaint versus the transcript — even though the I.G. could have seen it.  The ICIG just called that basic act of due diligence "not necessary."
  • The ICIG is still hiding the original whistleblower report from Congress, which has asked to see it.
  • The ICIG forwarded its version of the complaint to congressional Democrats while other agencies with knowledge of the report — the director of national intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel — effectively dismissed the whole thing as junk, saying it was not an "urgent concern."

Six ways from Sunday?  Thus far, looks like about at least six ways, in the name of reaching its high prize of impeachment.

With this explosive report, the whole thing looks increasingly rigged, a put-up job, like yet another Deep State effort to Get Trump, given that the last one with Robert Mueller fell flat.  The minions have not stopped trying.

The whole explosive thing exposes the accusers for the underhanded coup-plotters they are.  They never expected this kind of information to get out.  The Federalist has some impressive sourcing and dirt-digging to have figured this and the information contained in its previous reporting out.  Read the whole thing here.

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