An informed Democrat cannot support American values

As I've continued to study my passions for The United States of America, its founding, and the miracle of this nation, my admiration continues to grow...and so does my bewilderment that any straight-faced, educated, and informed liberal Democrat in 2019 can honestly profess to be for American ideals.

The current liberal-Democrat agenda is simply anti-American.  Here's why. 

Over the last decade, we've seen the liberal-Democrats drift farther and farther from American ideals rooted in eternal truths.  Insert 2016 — warp speed ahead, and it is official.  No liberal Democrat who is informed and educated on America's founding, our founding's intent and influencers, or the bedrock of American political theory can honesty claim to both support the Democratic agenda and American values.  They are simply incompatible. 

The ideas of individual liberty and responsibility; respect and admiration for tradition and mores, limited government, and the idea that no group of elites are more moral in action than the individual; economic freedom — man's right to his labor and the fruit of his labor (not to be confiscated without consent); the market economy and its moral nature of allowing man's right to exert free will; the sanctity of life; et al. are nowhere present in the Democratic mantra of 2019. 

The redistribution of individual property via universal health care, or some form of it, is touted by almost all 2020 hopefuls from Warren to Yang to Biden to that rich guy from California telling us how much he hates rich guys.

The disregard for national sovereignty and responsibility to protect citizens of this country is prevalent.  To decriminalize illegal entry to this country, then give every non-citizen health care paid for by American citizens is a financial impossibility and utterly immoral.

Every week, we hear another gun-grabbing demagogue like Beto tell us how he intends to take our right to life, and to protect that life, away from us in some form or fashion.

In more subtle ways, we hear of tyrannical ideas that suppress our freedom of speech, from Kamala wanting to ban the president from Twitter to Warren wanting to destroy republicanism unilaterally by eliminating the Electoral College.

The Left uses emotional and moral pleas, all the while preaching that the elites from on high know better and are of moral superiority to you and me.  They sow these seeds in the American mind in hopes that we will trade our freedoms for more government — that we will abdicate our individual responsibility for security that only they can provide.

Sure, some of the ideas of the Left may have desirable ends; I'd love for everyone in the country to have health care and a job regardless of circumstances or life choices, but that is a pipe dream.  And desirable or honorable ends do not justify trampling over others' rights and are certainly not rights in and of themselves!

Inviting unelected bureaucrats into every aspect of our lives to chip away at our freedom is hardly a founding principle.  Do not be confused or misled; these policies are not the "promotion of the general welfare," but are clearly the prioritization of one group's needs over another's!

In 2019, one cannot claim to be pro-American values and support the liberal-Democrat agenda unless one simply does not have any basic knowledge of the subject matter.  One falls into one of these three categories in regard to the support of the American founding if they are a 2019 liberal Democrat: 

  1. Openly in opposition to American values (see Obama's desire to "fundamentally change" America) — at least they're honest.
  2. Uneducated on the subject matter and does not know what our country was founded on (see feelings prioritized over facts and history...or apathy).
  3. A liar.  A phony.  A fake.  Cognitive dissonance abounds.  (See the majority of Leftist politicians and surrogates) 

If one simply studies our founding, the history of free states and republicanism, our founders' influencers with regard to a well ordered society, and potentially reads the Constitution and correspondence among those who crafted it, one will find an undeniable truth: you cannot have a firm grasp of the American founding, believe in it, and support the 2019 Democrat agenda.

Image: Jeff Turner via Flickr.

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