WaPo inverts victim and aggressor

“Israel’s ominous escalation” (8/28/19) could also be called the Washington Post’s “ominous escalation” with three articles/editorials in three days about Israel’s allegedly egregious responses to Iranian aggression. Of course, the Post calls Israel’s response to weapons buildups on its borders and attempted drone attacks as Israeli “aggression.” What else does one of the smallest countries in the world have to do in its spare time than to poke a hornet’s nest of enemies that have them pretty much surrounded? The Post editorial says that “since July, Israel has quietly expanded its air campaign” against Iran. Might that have anything to do with Iran expanding its military campaign/buildup against Israel?  We know that Iran has been provoking the world by attacking and hijacking international ships while creating havoc in the Straits of Hormuz. This has gone on for months. Iran’s actions are...(Read Full Post)
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