Want mass extinctions? Enact Greta Thunberg's vision

On September 23, an irate 16-year-old Swedish girl told the United Nations General Assembly that her elders are failing to address the supposed dangers of climate change.  Greta Thunberg had arrived in New York the previous week, ironically, aboard a "zero-emissions" carbon-fiber racing yacht composed of the same petroleum products she seeks to ban.  The fifteen-day voyage was made in order to reduce her "carbon footprint," but those plans were foiled when it turned out that at least four overseas flights were required to ferry crew members to and from England. While it is easy to poke fun at the blatant virtue-signaling of this whole affair, more dangerous is Thunberg's vitriolic message that was accepted uncritically by the world's media as factual.  It turns out that very little of what she said is supported by science.  Not only does Thunberg lack a vast amount of information, but she compounds her ineptitude...(Read Full Post)
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