Trump is only now a racist?

I am 53 years and have lived my entire life in the New York City metropolitan area, aka (the real) “Trumpland.”  It is hard to go very far in this area and not see the influence Trump has had on the physical landscape.  And if you live in certain spots, it is nearly impossible not to be reminded on a daily basis of Trump’s “presence” in one form or another.  This trend all started some 43 years ago. It has also been nearly impossible, if you watch any measurable amount of television (or have done so over the past 43 years) not to notice Donald Trump and all his media exploits — appearing on countless, countless daytime and night time talk shows, radio programs and in more recent years (prior to running), a regular call-in to the Fox and Friends morning show, to say nothing of his highly successful run on The Apprentice.  It has also been a number of years since he first started actively tweeting. In addition, he...(Read Full Post)
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