This stinks: A biased press is mauling Trump's TV defenders

Apparently, it's not just enough to attack President Trump anymore. The mainstream media are doing their level best to attack anyone defending Trump, too.  They've got venom to burn, and nowhere was it more obvious than on the Sunday talk shows. As leftists and anti-Trumpsters glide right through interviews with zero probing, Trump-defenders, in contrast, are getting the third degree. Just look at how bad it was over the weekend.  Here's a list. Start with 60 Minutes, which featured two anti-Trump Democrats and one pro-Trump Republican, stacking the airtime for the Left.  "I always said, we will follow the facts where they take us," House speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed, in dramatic, grave, rehearsed tones to 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley, claiming she wanted the whole impeachment show to be "a unifying experience" despite doing the exact...(Read Full Post)
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