The president as peacemaker

The Muslim conquest of India lasted a thousand years and is probably the bloodiest story in history.  Typical were Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlak and his son.  He invaded Bengal, offered a reward for every Hindu head, and paid for 180,000 of them.  His son, Firoz Shah, feasted for three days whenever the number of defenseless Hindus slain in his territories reached twenty thousand. The subcontinent of India is divided between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India because of this history.  Naturally enough, these two nuclear-armed countries have despised one another since they were formed in 1947.  They have disputed control over Kashmir, and only the nuclear balance of terror has prevented war.  Now, with President Trump, they have a chance for a resolution of this conflict. As the president made clear in his joint press appearance with Pakistan's Prime Minister Khan at the U.N., he is ready and willing to arbitrate this...(Read Full Post)
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