The Democrats' Ukraine hoax

Chutzpah hardly describes what the deranged Left has been doing the past few days.  Leftists' collusion-with-Russia gambit failed miserably, so they've invented a desperate new narrative, that Trump asked the president of Ukraine to look into the corruption of Biden and his son that occurred in that country and that this is somehow illegal!  Hmmm.

President Obama had made Biden his point man on Ukraine, and any informed political junkie knows that family man Biden took financial advantage of the opportunity to enrich his son.

Never mind that the president can say whatever he wants to the leader of any foreign nation, in private, or that Biden is on the record bragging that he demanded that the prosecutor investigating his son be fired or U.S. funds would be withheld from Ukraine. 

As usual, the Democrats have accused Trump of what Democrats have themselves been doing for decades: getting rich in office by any and all means that present themselves.  The Democrats certainly all know that Biden is indeed as corrupt as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  And yet they are pretending to be sorely offended that Trump may have asked the president of Ukraine to investigate said corruption.

It was the Obama administration that engaged persons from the U.K., Australia, Italy, and Ukraine to implement their plan to destroy Trump before and after the election.  Everyone even paying scant attention knows this by now.  So this tactic of these recent few days is further proof that the Democrat Party not only thinks all conservatives are stupid, they believe their own base is even more mentally challenged, more easily fooled.

Spooky, deer-in-the-headlights Pelosi's incoherent "announcement" Tuesday was a hilarious jumble of nonsense.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

Much of what she had to say was just plain wrong; she was winging it...badly.  She is obviously no longer in control of her caucus.  She kept referencing the Constitution but clearly is entirely unfamiliar with it.  When asked earlier whether, if the transcript proved that nothing untoward was said during Trump's phone call with Zelensky, her caucus would stand down, she replied absolutely not!  She has vowed to continue this "inquiry" begun by Nadler-the-Little-Teapot even though Trump has not committed a single crime, certainly not one that rises to the Constitution's requirements for such a process.  They plan to continue their witch hunt even though they have no legitimate reason to do so.

If anyone needed to be impeached, it was virtually all of the top dogs of the Obama administration: Holder, Lynch, Rice, Power, Comey, McCabe, et al. and of course Biden as well.  He was part of the scheme to take Trump down via the attempted coup.  Hillary should have been removed from office for her crimes relating to Benghazi and the destruction of Libya, and of course the financial shenanigans of the faux charity, the Clinton Foundation.

Virtually all the Democrats, past (Harry Reid, Al Gore) and present, who have risen to the top of the party's food chain are blatantly corrupt.  With their silly new ploy, they will only bring attention to their own duplicitous natures.  They are likely counting on the Republicans to, as usual, become frightened of their own shadows and do nothing.  One would think there is one or two of them in Congress with the courage to fight back, but there is only Trump and his growing base of supporters.

The media are as culpable as the Democrats, as committed to the undoing of this presidency as the Democrats.  They long ago gave up any pretense of journalistic ethics in the belief, stated once by the Mika Brzezinski, that it is "their job to tell us what to think."  They are propagandists in service to leftism and nothing more. With a few exceptions, they have sold their souls in a Faustian bargain for misperceived fame.  Few pay any attention to most of them anymore.  Tapper, Todd, Cooper, Lemon, Stelter, etc. — they are all irrelevant.  We know who and what they are.  Bookworm addresses David Leonhardt's silly list of "crimes" in the always fake news NYT.  And then there is the Comey-linked group of lawyers, Lawfare, who pay people who agree to snitch on Trump!  They overestimate their significance.  Their currency is hunch and hearsay, which they assume we will all swallow hook, line, and sinker. 

Washington, D.C. is a members-only city.  Trump and his supporters were never members, could never be members, even those few who live there.  Tasked with representing American citizens, the Democrats in Congress represent only themselves and their own radical agenda.  To this day, the denizens of the Beltway cannot abide an outsider in the White House, and Trump is the ultimate outsider.  That is why he won the election.  The American people are sick to death of pompous insiders who claim to be our betters. These Democrats who have yet to give up on impeaching Trump are a strange mixture of complete stupidity and naked ambition. They do not deserve, nor are they qualified, to speak for any of us.

The Left and the never-Trumpers like Max Boot can't get in front of cameras often enough to pronounce Trump the "most corrupt President ever" when in fact he is the most thoroughly investigated, the most transparent, the most accessible to the press president ever. It seems he is the least corrupt man ever to hold the office! This they cannot accept. Because he became wealthy by building things and employing thousands of people, by actually creating things, they hate him and assume he must be some kind of criminal. They get rich by other, more amorphous, illicit means.

Perhaps they hate Trump because, in their heart of hearts, they realize he is the better, more honest, more talented man than any of them. Wouldn't that be rich! Pelosi and her party are worse than petty and vindictive, they are treasonous. They are ready and willing to destroy our President in furtherance of their anti-capitalist, socialist agenda. So, Trump's approval ratings are bound to go up again. A 2020 Trump landslide victory is the likely outcome of all this vitriolic nonsense.

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