The Democrat debate was terrifying. Who are these people?

Throughout the Democrat presidential debate Thursday night, the candidates were positively entertaining in their quest to out-pander each other (can we say Yang?) — on health care, of course, but especially on race, then guns.  The agreed-upon talking point since the day he was elected has been that "Trump is a racist" even though for the first seventy-one years of his life, no one had ever, even once, suggested such a thing.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

Trump had long been friends with nearly all high-profile African-Americans from all walks of life in New York.  He has helped countless African-American individuals, schools, and charitable organizations.  The man has never demonstrated an iota of racism or even race consciousness.  But as we all know by now, the truth is not a left-wing value, as Dennis Prager often reminds.  They don't like Trump, so any slur, any fabricated indictment of his character is A-OK, a sanctioned furtherance of the agenda to transform America into their dystopian utopia.

White supremacy?  Sounds like a plan.  Let's go with it.  No made-up accusation is over the line.  No plan to eviscerate the Constitution is a bridge too far.  The left loathes the limits our Constitution places on our government.  Thank God for the genius of our Founders.  Without them, we would not have prevailed to this day.  As for the loathsome Beto's vow to "take our guns," he has no idea the power of the sleeping giant he has awakened.  Americans who revere the Constitution are filled with a terrible resolve.

Will we survive the socialist plan our Left has for us?  Only time will tell.  Given the Left's promulgation of homelessness (they pass out needles and ban straws), its commitment to the further dumbing down of education, and its disdain for Judeo-Christian values, its love of open borders and all that entails, and its fidelity to Marxist socialism, if leftists take the White House, the House, and the Senate, America as we know it will be over.  The U.S. will become a class-stratified society like that of old Europe, of France before its revolution.  Our elites will see to it that their lives are not impacted in any way by the legislation they mean to impose on the rest of us.  That is not part of their plan.

The American Revolution was fought to free the American colonies from the tyranny of and taxation by England.  That same liberty-loving spirit led to the Civil War: freedom-loving Americans fought to end slavery.  The Republican Party was founded to do exactly that.  Any faux historian who says different is lying.  America was founded in 1776, its nationhood cemented with the ratification of the Constitution in 1788.

Legitimate historians are rare these days; nearly all have been politicized by academia and its power to persuade, and by its love of Howard Zinn's slanderous and wholly inaccurate version of U.S. history.  The NYT's silly claim that we have been a nation since 1619, when, according to the paper, the first slave arrived in the New World, is utter nonsense.  Academia is now, with a few exceptions, thoroughly corrupt, committed only to the leftist indoctrination of the unsuspecting young.

Only the perceived crimes of America matter now.  We are all to be indicted for being born here.  We are to be condemned and punished if born Caucasian, as if we had a hand in the nature of our birth.  And yet it is those of us who love America and are familiar with our history who care nothing about the color of anyone's skin.  It is the Left that defines people and judges people by their race and not their character.  How else to explain leftists' affection for illegal migrant criminals like those terrorizing Montgomery County, Maryland, one example that is being replicated across the country? 

The debate of Thursday night should be a huge wake-up call for all freedom-loving Americans.  Every one of the Democrat candidates wants to curb nearly all of the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights: speech, assembly, the right to bear arms.  They mean to restrict our access to health care, fuel, food, electricity, mobility by car or air, and goods in markets. 

In short, they well and truly intend to transform the country beyond what Obama did on his watch and not in a good way.  They mean to punish all of us who support Trump because, like Hillary, we are to them deplorable for loving our country.  They are not alone.  The DNC debate audience in Houston were mind-numbed clapping seals.  The more punitively race-conscious and socialist the candidates' promises, the more they applauded.

The fact that there have been no American flags on the stage at any of the Democrat debates says it all.  One thing is certain: this election season is going to be a bumpy ride.  Like the colonists of 1776, we are looking at the choice between freedom and tyranny.  All Americans need to be cognizant of the deadly seriousness of their vote in 2020.  Trump's style and his tweets may offend some, but his dedication to the preservation of America is boundless.  He has pledged his life and fortune to the cause.  Gratitude is in order.

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