The Bolton hullabaloo is just silly

The press is going bonkers over the exit of President Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton. "Trump unplugged," the New York Times blared, arguing that Trump was going to be his own national security adviser, and now things will get really crazy because the NSC job will no longer be important. No, nothing's gonna change, the New York Post argued, quite possibly closer to the truth. Trump's new national security adviser will be his fourth, a CNN kicker read. Chaos, argued Axios. And don't even get into the he-said, she-said of whether Trump fired him or whether Bolton resigned.  The media are trying to pick that apart like entrails and gauge its meaning in a sad bid to support their theories. In all likelihood, given what we know about Bolton and Trump, it simply wasn't the right job for Bolton to be in. Bolton's a good guy; we've never heard a bad word about him.  He's never been...(Read Full Post)
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