Soros and the 'whistleblower' non-scandal

Oh, boy, hold onto your hats.  The latest propaganda campaign to discredit President Trump has Soros roots, according to someone in the know that I trust. Victoria Toensing is not given to empty charges (or empty threats). The extremely knowledgeable and well connected D.C. super-lawyer took to Twitter yesterday to let us know that the fine hand of Soros is at work, and the she knows what is going on and will enlighten us in due time: To all Tweeters who claim Ukraine not investigating #Burisma and @HunterBiden when @JoeBiden had prosecutor fired, you are mouthing Dem talking points. I talked with relevant Ukrainians. Soros supporter US Amb helped bury case. I know much more. Stay tuned. #maga2020 — Victoria Toensing (@VicToensing) September 20, 2019 In addition, @georgesoros and his NGOs spread false information about the Ukrainian prosecutor to help @JoeBiden get him fired. #maga2020 — Victoria Toensing (@VicToensing) September 20,...(Read Full Post)
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