Rudy Giuliani was on fire yesterday about Ukraine

"They have fallen into a trap!"

With those words, Rudy Giuliani yesterday let it be known that Ukraine is not going to lead to impeachment for President Donald Trump and that all the media hysteria over his conversation with the president of Ukraine is going to backfire.

The president's lawyer appeared on Fox News Sunday for almost 12 minutes, and the full interview is embedded below.  It was by no means a love-fest.  Mike Brest of The Examiner:

Rudy Giuliani sparred with Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts as he questioned the former mayor about his interactions with the Ukrainian government.

Addressing Giuliani's recent fiery interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Fox News Sunday guest host Roberts played the clip for Giuliani, in which the president's attorney said he did not request Ukrainian officials to investigate Hunter Biden, only to state the opposite moments later.

"It doesn't matter, I clarified immediately," Guiliani [sic] said after the clip. Giuliani spent much of the interview attacking the coverage of the whistleblower complaint about Trump, and focused on Biden's alleged role in a "cover up."

But the highlight is contained in this minute-and-a-half tweet from TrumpSoldier:

Here is the entire interview:



Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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