Pelosi's impeachment scheme: Fool's gold for radical Democrats

On Tuesday, House speaker Nancy Pelosi looked serious and somber as she made the big announcement to the country.  "Therefore, today, I'm announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry," she said.  Sounds serious, as if drastic changes will commence.

What Pelosi promised her radical members was the gold they have waited three years for: to impeach Trump.  What Pelosi instead did was send them on a trip to El Dorado.  In fact, nothing has changed, since the House never officially voted on the issue.

One thing was unwittingly accomplished by Pelosi, which was the sending of a clear message to the independent voters of the country: that Democrats realize that Trump is doing a good job and cannot be taken out at the voting booth.  

The reliance on operatives like Comey, Strzok, and McCabe to pull off the coup of the century was priority number one.  When successful, it would get rid of the outsider and restore order...but things didn't work out so well. 

To a savvy politician like Pelosi, impeachment was to be a backup plan, never to be used except as a last-ditch effort.  The first mistake Democrats made was to underestimate Trump's ability to juggle multiple tasks.  Their reasoning went something like this: with the Mueller investigation hanging over his head, Trump would not be able to turn the economy around.  Instead, he did that and brought black unemployment down to the lowest levels ever, had more Americans employed than ever recorded, and had women's unemployment reach the lowest rate in 65 years. 

With the economic numbers looking good for Trump, the Mueller Report finding no collusion or obstruction, and not ready for active duty Uncle Joe leading the pack of Democrat candidates, time was running out.  The dream of impeachment radical Democrats had been waiting for since Trump became the Republican presidental nominee was now in high gear, and the reason or method didn't much matter.  Democrats knew that whatever excuse they used, it would be heralded by the fake media as a heroic stand against the most significant abuse of power by a president.  

Democrats proved once and for all that they will stop at nothing and care about nothing other than their power.  The outrageous Ukraine phone call fiasco proves beyond all doubt that Democrats never cared about the Constitution, the rule of law, or the country.

As far as they are concerned, Trump was inevitably going to be impeached.  If they didn't impeach him this time for his phone conversation with the Ukrainian president, they would soon have found or created something else to impeach him on.

Pelosi's reprieve will be short-lived.  Soon the radical Democrats will realize that instead of gold, what they were actually sold was a large piece of shiny pyrite, or fool's gold.  And so the impeachment quest will begin again, and the country will suffer. 

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