Impeachment complaint of the day

For three years, most of the media, in collusion with other Democrats, have been rooting for impeachment based on the fake news story of Russian collusion when there was never any evidence collusion occurred. For a few days, many Democrats running for president were clamoring for impeachment of Judge Kavanaugh because of a fake news story in the New York Times when the journalists withheld the evidence that the victim had no memory of the over-thirty-years-ago incident. Now, because of a story in the Washington Post about a whistleblower, who had no firsthand knowledge of the call and who didn't like what he heard that Trump said to the Ukrainian leader, the media are in full-blown orgasm for impeachment because Trump brought up Biden's name. Most journalists, along with other Democrats, have no problem that Obama/Biden extorted the Ukrainians into firing a prosecutor who was investigating a company where Hunter Biden got paid $50,000 per month.  But if...(Read Full Post)
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