I guess you can say anything against black Republicans

Over the last few days, Debra Messing has made a fool of herself. First, she floated the idea of "blacklisting" people in Hollywood for supporting President Trump.  As I recall, the Left used to call that "McCarthyism"! And then she dug a deeper hole by taking a shot at blacks who vote Republican: Debra Messing regrets pushing sign calling black Trump voters mentally ill, calls out GOP 'voter suppression' Okay — so Debra is sorry.  Let's accept her apology. Of course, the real issue is why she was thinking such a thing in the first place. It shows that many of these "white liberals" really don't know a thing about the state of black America, from the lousy public schools that the Obamas & Clintons & Gores & Kerrys did not send their kids to to crime and lousy quality of life in these inner-city districts run by Democrats. Can you blame blacks for looking at a second...(Read Full Post)
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