Got Google? Scarier than milk

Mark Levin had a fascinating episode yesterday on his exceptional hour-long Fox News program, Life, Liberty & Levin, where his guest is an avowed leftist but an honest researcher — rara avis, right there — and this Dr. Robert Epstein spent the hour describing the constant but usually subtle manipulations indulged in by Google from 2016 to push millions of votes toward HRC, though people were scarcely aware their search results and the "casual" characters generated by search engine inputs tilted them repeatedly to voting for one party over the other (over 3 million votes, Dr. Robert Epstein says).  This is being done all the time by Google.

Mark Levin and Dr. Robert Epstein.
YouTube screen grab.

I have suspected this all along, as I have been on focus groups funded by Google and so cognate social media — they know that people no longer trust them.  That was the end of Google for me; it is Bing for me from now on.  It has been easier to use Google, particularly at work, where I did massive data searches all day long, verifying facts and checking dates and so on.  No longer.

Epstein (a strong Hillary-supporter, BTW) is frighteningly full of years of collected research and evidence on voting and election manipulations.  It is a miracle — given the info he imparts, which is only part of the bigger picture — that anyone other than HRC could have won, against the strong efforts of the FBI and Justice Dept. to suppress support for anyone other than Mrs. Clinton.

Hand of G-d that she did not win.  None of this would have been known had she won.  We would have had everything, all the criminals, all the malfeasance, buried forever.  No whisper would have emerged.

In these focus groups, which have about 25 people of each party, I was impressed that neither of the parties and none of the participants seemed to trust Google, all of them being media people and smart professionals.  No one trusts the ongoing efforts of social media to push us into the slots they want us to occupy.  These results were surprising to me, as I had expected to hear bias from one side of the political divide.  But the discussions were probing and compelling: no one trusts Google's neutrality in matters that count.

Rather alarming.

Dr. Epstein says, Google will be working harder than ever to influence voters in the coming months.  (More Dems by a huge factor use Google than do conservatives and Republicans, meaning a seemingly innocuous message like "Go Vote" on their logo instead of "Google" on Election Day pushes millions more Dems to vote than Conservatives — a passive influence few even recognize.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Google knows exactly what it has been doing and will continue to do.  We are also being surveilled constantly, and our searches are collated and noted and used against us, one way or another.)  Gmail and Chrome are both surveillance tools, as Epstein describes it.

As a test, I typed in "a..." on the Google search bar.

Sure enough, Amazon, Google's biggest advertiser, appears at the third position.  They are always pushing Amazon and their other clients.  But tellingly, position one was American Thinkerfollowed closely by position 2, "Andy McCarthy's new book."  Both those first two clearly non-leftist "suggestions," generated by the Google algorithm, had the word "remove" after them.  Why?  All the rest of the "a" suggestions, about a dozen, had no such verbal command attached.  But I surmise that Google had noted my private attachment to AT, and I had been emailing about and to Andy McCarthy recently, too, so these "suggestions'" may just be for me, and from my clearly surveilled search results.

Whatever the reason for those two being targeted for the demonic-nuanced "remove," I don't care for it.  Or for Google.  They control 92% of world searches, with the next biggest search engine controlling...under 3%.  Put that in your cardamom-popper and smoke it.

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