Gaza’s woes self-inflicted

The Washington Post put out an August 29 news item headlined: "A summer day at the beach? For many Gazans, the conflict has put an end to that, too." or, "In Gaza conflict taints a summertime respite." (Non-subscription link here).   It's a tragic yet manipulated story about how Gazans can’t enjoy the Mediterranean sea due to water polluted by sewage, going like this:   But now a ceaseless conflict that seems to impinge on nearly every aspect of life here has claimed the Mediterranean, too. Because of skyrocketing levels of water pollution, attributable to political and economic turmoil, the 25-mile coastline is now another barrier in a place where barriers are all too common. People still come to watch the waves. They still stop to savor the salty breeze. But these days, many stop short of swimming. Even in the heat of summer, to swim is now to tempt fate. The Washington Post singles out...(Read Full Post)
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