Fig leaf Nancy

House speaker Nancy Pelosi shows she has come morally unmoored by saying abortion bans "ignore basic morality."  One can't but wonder when murder became moral — or any form of killing the newly born and the unborn the basis of morality.  Roe v. Wade made it legal, but that doesn't make it moral.

And when did it become moral to carve up the unborn to sell their body parts for profit, or even to save another life?  Is this not literally treating the unborn as just so much property, to be parted out in a nearby Planned Parenthood chop shop?

Is the abortion industry not merely the buying and selling of slaves, who are the property of their mothers until sold?

The larger problem with legal abortion is the evil that men do unconstrained by law and morality.  The likes of Kermit Gosnell and the creatures at Planned Parenthood clinics turn the freedom to abort into murder on an industrial scale, a winked-at Holocaust or abortion-as–birth control convenience.

Nancy Pelosi claims to be Catholic, and the basis of Catholic morality is the Word of God.  But in the Bible, God plainly says He forms each of us in the womb.  Without His intervention, pregnancy doesn't happen.  Thus, abortion goes directly against God's personal decision in the matter, expressed in pregnancy.

One wonders how Nancy Pelosi finds that moral.  Or is God not really that important?  He lets us choose to follow or ignore Him, but is it moral to ignore God, or do we just get to do as we please in this life, tossing aside or walking away from or ignoring the parts we don't want to be bothered with?

And if that really is what Nancy believes, why bother with the fig leaf of Catholicism?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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